Volunteering & Internships

As a self-funded non governmental organisation (NGO), we are always looking for ways and means to expand our reach. We always look for volunteers to help us support our students and grow. We offer both volunteering opportunities as well as internships.


Volunteering at our NGO is a very self-fulfilling and rewarding experience. The vast majority of our setup and organisation is driven by volunteers. We have had volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds – from students to professionals as well as homemakers. The experience of seeing the special students achieve their goals brings a feeling of satisfaction that is incomparable. We encourage and support our volunteers with the training necessary to deal with our special students.

Volunteers are free to choose their level of engagement, number of hours and activity etc. Due to our current scale, we can only offer volunteering opportunities locally in Kolkata.


For internships, while we prefer presence in Kolkata, we can offer projects which could be remotely worked upon. Our internship programme consists of an induction phase where we work with the interns to sensitise them about the various issues facing differently abled people and children, as well as our NGOs history, mission, vision and goals. Post the induction, we offer projects in the areas of social work, marketing and organisational management.

The aims for our internship programmes are to both help spread deeper awareness about issues which differently abled people face, as well as to benefit from the different perspectives and real world problem solving and research skills that our interns bring into Behala Anwesha The Quest.

Please contact us for details on either volunteering or internship opportunities.

We are unable to support any costs or provide any remuneration for our volunteers and interns currently.