Singing and Music Therapy

At our NGO we look to bring a smile and a bright moment in the lives of our students through various expressive art forms. For some students music or singing are vital channels for both development as well as expression of their inner self. Music Therapy, be it singing or playing a musical instrument, has been proven to stimulate our brains and drive strong emotions. At Behala Anwesha – The Quest, we take this forward by encouraging our students to actively participate, learn and perform.


Singing has been known to be very beneficial to people who suffer from a wide range of conditions. The therapeutic benefits of both listening to songs and singing has been established by various globally renouned institutions. At Behala Anwesha The Quest, we try our best to engage with and guide the natural talent of our students. Based on classical Indian music, we teach our students a wide range of songs which help with

  1. Speech – our focus is on clarity, tonality and pronunciation. We set personalised targets for our students and then teach them with small incremental steps on how to pronounce the words in a song clearly. We then string the words together to convey the emotion and meaning behind it to get the desired tonality. We work in small steps and repeat the same stanzas to help our students become comfortable with what is expected
  2. Memory – An entire song if often too much for most of our students initially. We follow our tried and tested approach of incremental memorisation and repetition to make sure that our students’ capabilities increase over time.
  3. Rhythm – For most students, a basic understanding of simple rhythms exist. Bringing in the complexities and nuances of Indian classical music takes time and patience and a lot of repetition.

As our students often have some limitations on their abilities, we have lessons on a one-on-one basis as well in groups. In some cases, managing the expectations of the parents or guardians of our special students is also necessary. Putting all the components together, we aim to have our students be confident in expressing themselves via songs.

Music Therapy

Playing a musical instrument is an ability that is usually people with. Endless hours of practice help hone up native talent. For some of our students, we see their endless enthusiasm in picking up and playing an instrument. At Behala Anwesha – The Quest, we try to encourage those students who display an knack for music to pursue the instrument of their choice. We have trained teachers who can help students with instruments like the Tabla, Electric Piano and Guitar.