Our Approach

We work with children and adults who are affected by a wide range of conditions such as mild Autism, mild Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome and other physical and intellectual disabilities. While each of these conditions require specialised care and attention, we firmly believe that a continuous cycle of activities and trainings help to drive a sense of confidence, satisfaction and cognitive development in such individuals.

We aim to build an inclusive environment for individuals affected by these conditions and place no bar on the age or the number of years that they can participate in our organisation’s classes and activities. We place no benchmarks or criteria for joining our NGO and neither do we evaluate and judge how our students do.

Built primarily as an NGO consisting of the parents and guardians of affected individuals, we work towards the development of our wards for both their and our fun, enjoyment and engagement. We do not set unrealistic goals of complete self-sufficiency and participation in mainstream society. We want our wards to feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction after accomplishing small reachable goals in life.

Please read the next few pages which explain in detail, our approach to the various activities we have at our NGO and the benefits we feel they have for our students.

Dance Therapy

Singing and Music Therapy

We started off with Dance Therapy being our primary activity because of the lack of infrastructure and support around this in Kolkata. The overall lack of support for children with mild Autism, mild Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome and other physical and intellectual disabilities in Kolkata meant that as parents we needed to create a self-help group and work our way through trial and error. With not many NGOs or governmental agencies around to help such individuals, we started out with dance lessons for students and then gradually expanded to other activities.